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Exoskeleton seat

Exoskeleton seat

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Get more comfortable working conditions during work.

Supports proper posture: the exoskeleton seat provides back support, helping maintain proper posture.
Reduces back and neck strain: artificial support provided by exoskeleton seats helps reduce strain on the muscles of the back and neck, which can contribute to reduced pain and tension in these areas.
Enhances comfort: the ergonomic design of the exoskeleton seat allows for even weight distribution, providing greater comfort during extended periods of sitting.
Boosts productivity: comfortable and supportive seating can increase concentration and productivity in the workplace.

🏭 Versatile usage: Ideal for factory workers, field and garden workers, as well as those who stand for long periods.
📏 Adjustable for all: Three height settings provide the perfect fit for users of different heights.
🛡 Lightweight and sturdy: Made of technical nylon and exoskeleton construction, ensuring stability, safety, and comfort during use.
🔄 Convenient and portable: Easily folds and unfolds for hassle-free transportation and storage.
👌 Stylish design: Subtle and elegant design that blends seamlessly with any environment.

Adjustable seat height: 43cm - 50cm
Weight capacity: 100kg

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