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Computer arm support

Computer arm support

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Relieve wrist strain, improve posture, and increase comfort while working at the computer.

Key Features:
🌟 Health benefits: ideal for heavy computer users, it helps prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, eye fatigue, and discomfort caused by long hours of computer use. Suitable for IT professionals, office employees, gamers, and more.
🚀 Ergonomic design: crafted to reduce stress on your shoulders, arms, and wrists. It offers five levels of height adjustment, allowing you to find the perfect position for your comfort. Portable and simple to attach to desks.
💪 High-quality construction: combining strength and lightness, the bracket is made from a blend of aluminum and steel. The support platform is equipped with a rubber pad, relieving 90% of the load from your elbow.

Product Information:
- Material: plastic, carbon steel, aluminum
- Bracket length: 42cm (16in)
- Platform width: 11cm (4in)
- Maximum weight capacity: 5kg (11lbs)
- Maximum desk thickness: 5cm (2in)


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